What do you need to know about the Spanish style of clothing?

How do Spanish men and women dress? What do you wear to go to college or at night? Where to buy clothes? In Spain, fashion has changed a lot.

If someone suddenly asks to formulate fashion trends in Spain in one sentence, then it will be “free”. That is, there are no special rules regarding clothes in Spain. You can walk there in everyday familiar things and in colorful dresses brought especially for an incendiary holiday. From opinionesespana.es we find out that Spaniards do not stress too much about the rules of dress and choose to wear what they feel.

Formal clothing vs. casual clothing

In Spain, you do not have to divide your wardrobe into formal and informal. And if you think that for Spaniards, nightlife predominates on the day of the “office”, then you do not have to worry about how to dress in a theater or a cafe. However, this factor depends on the importance of the occasion in which a banquet or reception is organized. If you want to have an outfit at an event in Spain and feel great, try the lookfantastic.

How do Spanish women dress?

Is there a typical Spanish style? Would we distinguish a woman from Madrid from a woman from Bilbao based on her clothes? And a modern one from the mainstream? The answer is not simple because, in Spain, it is dressed in many ways.

In the middle of the 16th century, Spanish clothing was the “boom” in fashion, its style was of world influence and the traditional clothing of Spain was well known for its features such as elegance, clothes such as capes, corsets. and ornaments became very popular as Habsburg Spain rose to power in what is Western Europe. The children were accompanied by crinolines, which consisted of a whale beard, cloth, and a wire cage that was part of the woman’s underwear, whose style was uncomfortable for Renaissance women.

Spanish men’s clothing

If we refer to the Spanish clothing for men, they are a little simpler, with neutral colors. Which consists of black pants with a white shirt, usually accompanied by a red scarf and the respective hat, you can add more decorations to the suit depending on the man’s taste, and normally these decorations are red, thus being more striking, trying to match the clothing of Spanish women. For which these costumes can be seen in traditional events in Spain or around the world.

Spanish clothing today

In particular, it can be pointed out that people who wear the Spanish dress code tend to wear ordinary clothes, generally switching from normal clothes, such as heels or makeup. If we talk about work, most Spaniards, especially the youngest, prefer comfortable clothes such as sports shirts and jeans. But even though there is a widespread idea that (especially girls) dress more to go to school than in other countries, such as the United States.