Crypterium Visa Card


With changes and updates in the sphere of electronic and technology, the traditional type of banking slowly replaced with online types of banking and services. However, because of the discovery of new types of currency such as crypto, the global community is requiring other types of services and banking that can cover these new discoveries. In this regard, we want to write about Crypterium online platform that is providing special services in case of cryptocurrencies.

Crypterium Platform

As mentioned before, Crypterium is an online platform that provides users with banking services but not the same type of services as before; currently this platform is counting as a bank for crypto. Shortly to say, users via this platform can have their own free wallet, trade 20 different types of cryptocurrencies and enjoy the best exchange rates in the marketplace. The wallet from this platform, is mixing the traditional type of finances and digital version of it with the possibility to have a wallet without limit for cashout, buy and earn crypto. Users also can transfer their cryptos with a simple phone number or wallet address in worldwide format and for free. Additionally, users will be able to gain up to 15.6{f72128a8db05901e8f3f03a6356fa049459bfc94282dea4d9aabb0a60d474f40} APR on their digital assets in case of opening a savings account on this platform. Also this platform is providing users with its own price prediction algorithm that works very well and can be useful for all users around the world. It is worthy to mention that with Crypterium mobile app, users will be able to access their account as fast as possible, use all services and be notified about any new opportunities in the marketplace.  Full Report.

Debit Card of Crypterium 

One of the significant points and features of Crypterium is its possibility to provide users with Virtual and Physical format of Visa debit cards. About the virtual card, users can apply for it and get it instantly, fill it up directly from their wallet, connect it to the apple pay and start to use it anywhere and at any time. In the case of a physical type of Visa debit card, users will be able to pay in more than 42 million physical and online places worldwide, instantly withdraw cash from any ATMs around the world and with a low amount of fee, start to use their card all around the world in offline and online format. In this regard, users need to create a Crypterium wallet account, choose the type of their card, fill in details and in case of physical card pay a delivery, make a verification process in some minutes and activate the card and start to use it all over the world.


Definitely, in the current time with a discovery of crypto and daily increasing the users of digital assets, Crypterium online platform can be counted as one of the best solutions for all users around the world for the current and future time.