Five Different Ways To Use Eyeshadow

There are different ways that you can use eyeshadow for your face. It does not need to be used only for your eyes. It is 2021 so it is time for us girls to get creative with our makeup and show off our skills. Here are five different ways that you can use your eyeshadow to make you look glamorous.

Wear It Alone

Start with the basic style before you experiment with the different ways that you can use eyeshadow. It is an essential item that is needed in every girl’s makeup bag.  Applying your favourite colour to your daily makeup routine is one of the things you can do. Eyeshadow does not need to be for dressy occasions only. Additionally, you can blend different shades that can either give subtle or sophisticated effects.

Create A Highlighter

Another thing that you can do with eyeshadow is turning it into a highlighter. Get a little bit of loose powder with some Rosehip oil. Rosehip oil has become extremely popular recently due to it helping dry skin. Not to mention it is great for the health of your hair as well. Wearing your eye makeup as a highlighter is a simple makeup trick. Not to mention that it is becoming popular in the beauty world.

So, how do you do it? Simply tap your makeup brush into some loose eyeshadow powder and put it into an empty makeup pot. Make sure that you clean out the pot before putting any fresh makeup products inside it.

Get Creative and Make Your Liquid Eyeliner

It sounds complicated but it is easy to learn. It is becoming exceedingly popular to use eyeshadow that has a glitter effect. Get a little bit of eyeshadow powder before mixing it with a couple of drops of water to turn it into a liquid. Soon it will turn into a liquid that will show off a beautiful sparkle. This is a great way to keep away from the rest of your cosmetic products and mix it up a bit.

Next, Mixing Your Eyeshadow and Creating A Luminous Finish

There are many things that you can do with eyeshadow. Another stunning method you can do with your loose mineral eyeshadow is to mix it with a liquid foundation. All you need to do is mix the pair with a small brush or even a spatula. Then all you need to do after that is apply it to the cheekbones to give you that glowing look.

Lip Colour

Creating your signature lip colour is another great way of getting creative with your eyeshadow. The way you can do this is by lightly dipping your brush into your eyeshadow palette and then mix it with a lip serum. Apply it with generous amounts to make sure that you get the perfect pout.


That is five different ways that you can use your eyeshadow and apply it to different facial features. Usually, you will have to mix it up with other products so that you can get the finish that you want.