How To Build A Perfect Mens Streetwear Wardrobe

Mens streetwear fashion in recent years has become a loosely used definition. Whether its long line tees and a pair of cropped joggers or japanese style jeans and a varsity jacket, the term streetwear has become so versatile that it has now become a lifestyle for people. Many people think that mens streetwear is just a case of wearing a pair of jeans, tee, hoodie and trainers and that’s about it, but this is not all true. Take into consideration all the other high end designers who are taking their inspiration from streetwear such as Givanchi or Nike and Comme De Garcon collaborations. No matter what type of wardrobe, it’s still going to require some time, smart judgement and some imagination. The truth is, any wardrobe needs its staple items. Here we have some tips on how to build the perfect mens streetwear wardrobe and picking basics right.

Every Streetwear Wardrobe Needs A Good Quality Pair Of Jeans.

The denim Jeans are a staple in mens streetwear. Whether they are loose fitting or dropped crotch, these jeans are most likely the one piece of clothing that you will be worn with the rest of the streetwear wardrobe. Opt for denim made by streetwear moguls such as Levi, Carhartt or Edwin. These brands are built to last so it’s best to pick up a great quality pair of jeans that will go with most items of clothing.

Nothing says Streetwear Like A Graphic Tee Or Hoodie.

When screen printing was first found by streetwear pioneers in the 80’s and 90’s, it opened a whole new world of design in the streetwear industry which has now earned graphic tees and hoodies a  statement piece in streetwear fashion and a staple piece for the wardrobe. These really are items of clothing that people can express themselves with as there are an abundance of styles and fits. The best way to go is for a cotton material over a polyester as they will keep shape and last you much longer.

Sneakers Are Key.

When it comes to sneakers there are a few brands that come to mind including Vans and Converse which are a great all rounders. However, if it is a pair of staple sneakers to finish off any streetwear wardrobe then it needs to be Nike Jordans or Air Max 1’s. In recent years many people are steering away from the classic look of basketball or tennis sneakers and going down the line of running sneakers. So take into consideration a pair of Adidas Originals which will also finish off a great streetwear look as they will go with most outfits and last the seasons.

When building a streetwear wardrobe it sounds easy to buy these basic staple pieces of clothing but its key to buy great quality, long lasting pieces that will go with most outfits. Add in some unique accessories and a good quality jacket and this is a great start to any mens streetwear wardrobe.