Shoes and Shoe Care for a Life in the Country

Brown colorful shoes on wooden background top view

So, you have finally escaped the rat race and moved out to the country. There is no denying that such a momentous change will affect almost every area of your life, from what you do at night to the food that you eat. And if you’re new to country living (we’ll assume that you wouldn’t be reading this article if you’ve lived there all your life) you’re probably wondering how to adapt to the many, many changes that you can expect. Some of these changes will be momentous, some will be relatively insignificant, some will be expected, and some will be unexpected. And so, it is undoubtedly hard to plan for everything. Indeed, for many of the problems that country life poses “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” is a good maxim to live by. To become accustomed to country life, you simply have to live it.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot to be said for preparation, and it certainly helps to get things in some perspective by preparing for the small things as well and the big. Where footwear is concerned, for example, country life throws up a few different challenges than the city. You are probably thinking right now about mud and dirt (they have that in the city too, right?) and, indeed, that is the main thing to prepare for. However, there is plenty of other things that might surprise you.

How to Pick Footwear for Country Living

The biggest and most important consideration that you’ll have to make where country footwear is concerned is – of course – picking the right shoes. In the city – rainy/snowy days notwithstanding – many people don’t really invest in the type of sensible footwear which is all but necessary for life in the country.

For sure, a pair of wellington boots might be very handy for a walk in the park on a wet day, but city dwellers don’t usually go walking in the park on a rainy day. In the country, on the other hand, trapsing over mud is all but impossible to avoid if you want to leave your home at all when its rainy outside. Thus, a pair of wellington boots are all but essential. Therein lies the difference – you cannot avoid being caught out if you don’t have the right shoes. Much the same goes for walking boots and other important country shoes.

Caring for Footwear in the Country

Another significant difference between country and city living is that your shoes will simply see more action. If there’s any amount of travel involved in your daily schedule, then a great deal more of that will be on foot. The terrain will also be rougher and more uneven, and many country pursuits are simply more active and strenuous than what is typical for the city. And what is more strenuous for you is more strenuous for your shoes too.

So shoes will simply wear out quicker in the country than in the city. Accordingly, flimsy sneakers and black leather dress shoes must give way to walking boots and the wellies. And this isn’t the only problem. Your more active country lifestyle will also make your shoes smellier, so you need to go with a top shoe deodorizer. There are many brands, and among them ShoeFresh is much recommended if you want to avoid bringing the stench of a hard day’s work into your home.

Ultimately, your footwear will simply be busier in the country, and this will naturally change what kind of footwear you wear and how to look after them. You’ve already made the biggest of changes by moving to the country – you can expect many other things to change as well.