4 Best Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home

Do you want to do more for the planet? But, you’re not quite sure the best way to go about it in your day-to-day life? If that’s the case, then there are actually a great number of different ways that you can introduce more eco-friendliness into your everyday life. And it all begins at home.

With that in mind, here are some of the five ways that you can work to make your home much more eco-friendly.

1 – Energy-Efficient Appliances

One of the easiest ways that you can work to make your home more eco-friendly overall is to ensure that all of your appliances are energy efficient and eco friendly. This means ensuring that they are energy-efficient and don’t waste as much energy as older models. These tend to be more expensive, but you may be surprised by how much money you save and how more efficient they are.

Also, don’t be afraid to buy alternatives to larger appliances. Toaster ovens, for example, can be much quicker to work and more energy efficient than their larger counterparts. Invest in smaller appliances such as this and you may find yourself saving lots of money as a result.

Of course, you can also monitor your appliance use on a day to day basis. Turn off lights in rooms not in use. Keep appliances off standby mode whilst you’re out at work. Small, but simple, ways that can actually work to significantly decrease your footprint.

2 – Grow Food

Have you ever considered growing your own food? If so, it can be one of the simplest ways for you to start making your home life that much more eco friendly practically overnight.

Of course, growing your own food relies on having the space to do so. If you don’t have a garden then you can always consider growing your own little herb garden on a windowsill. This isn’t going to make you independent in terms of food, but it’s a good way to reduce some of your food waste on a weekly basis.

3 – Save Water

Water waste is the biggest eco issues that can impact your home. So, for that reason, it is very important that you work to reduce your waste on a daily basis.

Easy ways to reduce your water intake today include fixing any leaks or drips, turning off your tap while brushing your teeth, making your shower more economical with water dispersement, and similar tactics.

4 – Buy Pre-Loved Furniture

If you have a need for new furniture, it’s important to consider not buying anything which is brand new. Instead, you should try to either upcycle or buy second hand furniture. For example, you could buy luxury velvet furniture either brand new or second hand. And you may very well find the quality to be quite similar.

Also, it is entirely possible to upcycle your current furniture rather than buy anything new. Thus reducing all possible waste (apart from the waste produced to upcycle).

So, whatever way you do it, try and source your contemporary furniture more ethically and you will reduce your eco footprint.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s important to make sure that you try and source aspects of your home life in a way that is more eco friendly. It won’t all be achievable overnight, but many of these are a good first step towards a more environmentally friendly household.