5 Beautiful Ideas for Designing Your Living Room for Christmas

As the special day comes closer, the buzz for Christmas continues to rise as we uncover the Christmas tree from storage and wipe the dust off the baubles to hang on to it. Many of the decorations that we associate with Christmas are relatively easy to identify, but there are ways that you can make these look extra special and brighten up your room perfectly for when the guests arrive to enjoy the festivities. Here is a list of essential tips to decorate your living room in an extra special traditional style this Christmas.

Pick the ideal Christmas tree

Nothing says traditional like picking out a natural Christmas tree to stand tall in your living room but sometimes they may not look the way you want when you eventually come to decorate it. This is where an artificial Christmas tree could help. They provide a perfect symmetrical shape that make it much easier to decorate and offer a picture perfect arrangement when your decorations hangs off the branches.

Decorate your tree with bigger baubles

Depending on the size of your tree, why not go all out with your decorations as much as you can and design your tree with bigger baubles to really bring out the tradition in your living room and help it to stand out. The smaller your tree, the less baubles you should place but make sure they still look consistent throughout the design to give a balanced look that doesn’t look too cluttered. Similarly, how many lights you use are totally dependant on the height and width of your tree.

Use red, gold and green for your traditional look

These may not be the normal colours that you’ve chosen for the design of your living room, but since it’s Christmas this is the perfect colour palette to make your room festive and ready for the traditional celebration that everyone’s going to enjoy. Small accessories are a great way to incorporate the traditional colours to your room. You can add candles around your fireplace or warming throws to your designer sofa that can help bring out the colour of Christmas a little more to your living space this year.

Opt for off white Christmas lights

Opting for bright white looking lights can add a real glow to the inside of your home. It helps to highlight all the festive detail that you’ve arranged around your house, whilst also providing a warmth through the golden tint on the colour. If you can, try to find lights that have a dark green cable as it can easily blend in with the tree and look like a seamless decoration that look perfect in the corner of your room and compliments your designer furniture perfectly.