How to dress for a Norwegian wedding: 3 important tips!

Dressing for a wedding can actually be a difficult task. You have to consider so many things that it might seem really confusing at the end. But if we specifically talk about a wedding placed in a foreign country that you don’t even know about, the whole experience can be even difficult. So what would you do if your friend or a relative were getting married in Norway? Do you know how to dress properly? Do you know what to wear and what to exclude? If not, don’t worry, as I can help you in that regard!

While choosing the dresses for your wedding, make sure you are picking the right store or brand for the clothing items. To know if a store is trusted and reliable, you can visit websites like, where you can check reviews and see what different customers are saying about a particular brand.

Dressing tips for a Norwegian wedding to keep in mind!

Following are the dressing tips for a Norwegian wedding that you should really keep in mind to avoid embarrassment at the end!

·        The traditional Bunad

Believe it or not, but Norwegians are really attached to their history and the traditions they used to follow. And well, Bunad is their traditional clothing, a wedding that has been followed through centuries. Do remember that Bunad comes for both men and women, and you can easily get it if you are shopping from a Norwegian brand. But the thing is, Bunads can be very costly, and you might have to pay a premium in order to get your hands on a suitable Bunad that too according to your preferences.

Well, that is why it is better to check multiple clothing stores and brands like Lindex and see the price differences yourself. Just make sure to go with the trusted ones to avoid the consequences.

·        The formality

Norway is still one of the countries where weddings still take place in Churches. All the weddings that take place in Churches in Norway are considered civil, and everyone dresses quite formally to maintain the respect of the surroundings. The guests either go with Bunads, or they simply wear proper dresses and suits in order to show respect for the environment and the place.

·        The wedding-party dresses

Right after the wedding ceremony, the dinner or lunch party starts, and that is where you get the free hand to wear whatever you want. You can stay formal and be in the same dresses as you were during the ceremony. Or you can simply change into something that you would love. But still, Norwegians are definitely not into very bright and shiny dresses because of their wedding traditions. You can also keep your clothing the same without going for extra jewelry or accessories that might make you look very different from the others.


If you can keep these three little tips in mind, you will definitely be able to enjoy the Norwegian wedding without any hassles. Just right from the right store, and you will get the right dresses for the special moment.