Ladies’ torso mannequin – opt for practical solutions

Torso mannequins are the perfect solution for lingerie and swimwear shops. They do not take up too much space, making them lightweight and easy to transport. But can they replace traditional full-body mannequins? Let us find out!

Torso mannequin or full-body mannequin?

Full-body mannequins are the perfect choice for promoting a collection. Unfortunately, not every boutique has room for them. What should you do in such a situation? You don’t have to give up on the idea of displaying mannequins altogether – you can count on torso mannequins, for example. Full-body mannequins can be found in most clothing shops. They are practical and suitable for displaying really many garments and accessories. But what if there is not enough space in the boutique? In such a situation, you can count on torso mannequins. They will prove to be a valuable display element that will attract the attention of potential customers and make them interested in the available range. In addition, the torso mannequin will present underwear and swimwear in a better way. Owing to the fact that it can be easily moved, it is suitable for holiday souvenir stalls. Although you can’t put trousers or shoes on it, like the full-body mannequin, it doesn’t lose its value. It is simply a great alternative for those who need something lightweight and practical.

Torso mannequin – what models can we find in the shops?

Mannequins usually come in three variants – men’s, women’s and children’s. Some of them are versatile, making them suitable for displaying dresses as well as suits. It is also worth noting that there are abstract mannequins, which often decorate boutiques, but also restaurants or even clubs. However, torso mannequins are only available in a universal version, which makes them suitable practically anywhere. You can view interesting models at: .

Most of them are adapted to the standard M/L size. They are made of fibreglass, but in some shops, you will also find mannequins made of other materials. There are also special variants on the market, such as the pregnancy torso mannequin or plus size mannequin. In this way, the right model can be matched to the assortment you are displaying and your target audience can be reached.

Tailoring mannequins used as displays are a very popular visual merchandising trend recently. Customers are enthralled by torso mannequins, which increase the value of the products on display. The price of such models is higher, due to the fact that the models are made by hand. Tailor’s displays can easily last from eight to ten years as they are made of high-quality materials of natural origin.